Let's make all children aware about their personal fitness.

Lets help students to reduce their screen dependency time.

Lets make them aware about balanced diet.

What We Do?

Fostering The Individual & Cognitive Development Of Children


Encourage children to engage in daily exercise or sport.


Work towards reducing screen dependency disorder.


Inculcate healthy eating habits among children.

What We Do?

Fostering The Individual & Cognitive Development Of Children.

In stances of obesity, malnutrition and screen dependency disorder are on the rise among children. This is mainly because children lack awareness about the benefits of exercise, balanced diet and usage of mobile phones. This impairs their decision making ability due to which they resort to junk food, improper meal intake and excessive usage of electronic devices.

It is only at a very later stage that these children realize they are victims of obesity and other physical and psychological disorders beyond a point of no return. Our aim is to make children aware of these problems at an early age so they can take control of their own lives. Educating these children at an early age can potentially reshape the way an entire generation thinks.

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Let's improve the Physical and Mental Fitness of Children

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